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[CUBASE] How to map the transport buttons of my Laboratory keyboard in Cubase ?

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First, you must configure your Laboratory keyboard to send MMC (MIDI Machine Control) messages:

  • Open The Laboratory MIDI Control Center (update to 1.0.1 or later)
  • Select PLAY button
    • Set Mode to MMC
    • Set CC Number to 2 (CC Number will be the MMC command sent)
  • Select STOP button
    • Set Mode to MMC
    • Set CC Number to 1
  • Select RECORD button
    • Set Mode to MMC
    • Set CC Number to 6
  • ... Please refer to MMC Messages for further details about MMC messages
  • Click "Send to keyboard"

In Cubase  6

  • Open Transport > Project Synchronization Setup > Machine Control Input section
  • Click "MMC Slave Active"
  • In MIDI TimeCode Source Section
    • MMC input :  ALL MIDI Input
    • MMC Device ID : 127
  • Click Start/Stop on your keyboard to check that it works
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